Nuvosil is a circular economy company within metal recycling. The company has a novel process for solid state recycling of metal materials, with up to 95% reduction in energy consumption compared to primary metals.

The company was founded with the aim to solve a sustainability issue in the solar (PV) industry, whereby production of solar wafers and cells generates large silicon metal waste streams.

From years of R&D and in close collaboration with aluminium industry leader Norsk Hydro and other partners from industry and academia, Nuvosil have developed the Low Energy Recycling (LER) process, a proprietary technology for solid state recycling of silicon, aluminium, and other metal materials. ​

The company has built and produced from its first industrial scale machine at Sunndalsøra, Norway, and is working on commercialization and roll-out of the technology with the aim of building the first full scale factory to serve clients in the aluminium industry.